One hour later …

And we are back on the road again. Unfortunately, in that hour the wind changed and is now a strong headwind.

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Another thunderstorm

Arvid is in the RV as we sit out another thunderstorm.⚡️🌧⛈

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One happy camper

Dessert after 200km

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Round 2 of democratic debates

…majority wins again! Still heading south!

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Prayers of the Grandchildren

Dear Jesus, help Grampa not to feel scared on his bike. Help Grampa to remember all the Grandkids. Help Grampa to make lots of money for the children. Amen. -JT

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Democracy rules

25% of our team really wants a slight route and schedule change. But we gotta go with the majority.

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Bike lane

Arvid is cycling on Hwy 27 which has sections of a separate, very nice bike lane. Very impressive.

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July 3 stats

Arvid cycled 365 km.

It was a day of interruptions; ‘no bikes on a bridge’ sign. wrong turn (2 km), thunderstorm, road closure and detour due to police presence, and (our first) flat on the bike. In spite of all these unexpected things Arvid was able to make very good progress as we make our way through Florida.

Looking forward to today!

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Florida thunderstorm

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Looks like Arvid is going to get caught in this storm

Just moments before the storm hit Arvid donned his rain jacket.

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Triple A Q&A

Thank you for your question, Stan.

Question: what are the Top 3 Funniest things your Grandkids have said to you or about you?

Arvid’s answer: when we asked Arvid your question, he could not come up with anything humorous in the moment.

Instead he reflected on a particularly poignant moment. It was in 2016 when he arrived at the Manitoba Legislative Buildings after having cycled from Vancouver on his GWR attempt which you were part of. He had crashed on Day One and his face was badly beaten up with road rash and scabs where healing had already begun.

Our grandsons gathered around him, their eyes big with worry because Grampa had a lot of ‘owies’ and the youngest grandson came prepared with a bandaid for Grampa.

It was a beautiful moment.

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Prayers of the Grandchildren

Dear God, where is Grampa? He is biking. Please keep him safe from the bears and coyotes and birdies and cows and horses and deer and puppies and baby elephants. Amen. -W

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Welcome to Florida!!

A surreal moment. We have made it to the Florida border. 906.2 km to go! Florida. The Sunshine State. YAY!!!

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Georgia Gems

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July 2 stats

Arvid covered 397 km.

Your prayers for safety are so appreciated. Yesterday we certainly sensed them. We were on a very busy highway with high traffic volume and no shoulder. There was simply nowhere for the bike. After two near misses with trailers, we made the decision to porter Arvid through that stretch. He was then able to safely continue on his bike and had a beautiful evening ride on a country road with very little traffic where we could do direct follow.

Please continue to pray for his safety.

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