A Perfect day

It was fairly calm and the temps reached the mid-twenties. I had to think of how blessed I am to be able to do this and I thanked God for my health/strength at age 62. I  reached  10% (1500km) today. That means celebrating the first 1500 lives of former destitute kids, whose lives and direction has been changed by Mully Children’s Family.
I am very pleased with my cycling results thus far. Besides the two flats, I am off the bike for only 2-3min/day so far. That of course will change significantly when I begin the 333km/day next week. I can only carry food and liquid to fuel me 100-150km on my bike, so I will need to replenish a few times a day.
I have had 2 sub 7 hour times for 200km unsupported this week so far. I have not done that in years. 
I am so thrilled for the 20+ solos/family units who have let me know that  they are participating in the 1000km challenge. There may be others that I don’t know about yet. It is NOT too late to join the team of difference makers. Simply email me at loewen.arvid@gmail.com. As you ride 1km at a time, remember that it represents 1 transformed life.
The funds you raise/donate will help transform the next 15,000 lives.

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2 comments on “A Perfect day
  1. Ruth Ewert says:

    Keep up the great work you do!!

  2. Dorothy Funk says:

    Praying for you every day!!

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