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Cycling entourage

A group of friends from Milltown Colony joined us just east of Oakville. They rode alongside Arvid for a short distance. Thanks for your support!

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Thank you CFC!

Pastor Bob with Ndondo, Faith, Arvid & Ruth.

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Bike Parade and church picnic with Community Fellowship Church!

We had an incredible morning with CFC of Newton. We gathered at Oakville Community Hall for a bike parade and then a service and lunch at Morrison Sport Park in Oakville. Thank you so much for hosting us, Pastor Bob!

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A few pictures from the weekend

Here is a snapshot of our weekend at Acadia and Riverbend.

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On the road again

After rain for most of the night, we awoke to a fresh morning. Arvid began cycling at 5am, heading to Oakville. We have some early morning fog and already saw two deer in the field. A beautiful morning. Rick sent

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June 24 events

Arvid and crew will leave Riverbend at 5am heading to Oakville to participate in a bike parade and church picnic with Newton Community Fellowship followed by an evening banquet in Winnipeg. It will be a busy day cycling 200+ km

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A Day off at Riverbend

Today is Arvid’s only planned day off from cycling as he and our family and the crew spent a lovely afternoon and an evening program at Riverbend Colony. Riverbend is building a house with all proceeds going to MCF. Ndondo

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Hutterite events

On Friday Arvid cycled 195 km to the Acadia Hutterite Colony, 50 km east of Brandon. They were joined by his family, including 11 grandkids. Ndondo Mully and Faith, an MCF beneficiary landed in Winnipeg at 2pm. Thanks to Paul

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Day 7 Stats

Arvid is almost in Manitoba as of Thursday night. He completed 311km on Thursday!

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Crossing Over

This will be our last crew crew post as others will assume this task. We just crossed over the Saskatchewan border into Manitoba. We are heading to the Acadia Colony near Carberry. “Crossing Over” for people of faith from this

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Sleeping Beauty

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Day 6 Stats

Arvid is right in the middle of the prairies, having biked 386km on day 6. Here he comes, Manitoba!

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On The Road Again!

There is nothing like a great truck “truck driv’n ” song to get a person up to pace in the morning. Willie Nelson’s song is this mornings choice: “On the road Again… making music with my friends…going to places I’ve

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Flat number 2

Had a flat in the ‘Toon”, Get back to you soon.

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Arvid's Location

Track Arvid through the Spot device he carries with him by clicking here.

Prayer Requests

June 15: As the ride begins, pray that we will have strength equal to the task ahead!


About MCF

Charles Mulli is a former street child from the slums of Kenya. He became extremely successful in business, but then God called him to give it all up and care for the orphaned and abandoned children still on the streets in Kenya. Charles Mulli is the founder and CEO of Mully Children's Family. To learn more about MCF, click here.

Arvid's Role

God has called me (Arvid) to be an ambassador for Mully Children's Family. I have chosen to use ultramarathon cycling as my platform from which to fulfill this calling. You can follow my ride, here, at To read more about me and my story, click here.


I am asking you to help. I am trying to raise funds for the ongoing and capital expenses for the child mothers program at MCF. This program provides the critical life skills the young mothers need. To learn more about donating, click here.

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