Reflecting on God’s leading during GrandpasCan 2018

Sometimes I just marvel at how God brings things together. So I need to ask myself; ‘Why do I even worry or why am I anxious that things will work out?’
Check out God’s timing and leading throughout Grandpascan 2018.
1. On  February 12 Ruth suffered a nasty spiral fracture on her tibia plateau, requiring surgery. On a scale of 1-6, (6 being as bad as could be) the doctor rated it a 6. Ruth is always an integral part of my support crew in all of the events. We were very concerned about recovering in time. After 11 weeks of no weight- bearing, then physio, she was totally fine 4.5 months afterthe break. The doctor and the physiotherapist both said that she was  ‘off the typical chart’ as far as recovery time and complete healing was concerned. Only God can do that.
2.  Two weeks before my event, I still had no vehicle to use, and I had no funds to rent one. Triple E out of Morden stepped up to supply a very suitable RV. I have never even met the owners.
3. I wanted to bring Ndondo Mulli and a ‘child mother’ from the MCF Yatta Girls program to Manitoba for 4 major events as I cycled through MB.  The problem was, none of the suitable young ladies had a passport. After months of waiting, Faith, one of two possible candidates received her passport on June 6.
4. For various reasons, the necessary visas only got issued on June 20. Ndondo and Faith needed to be here at the first event on June 22. Their plane arrived 3 hours before they were expected at Acadia Colony, a two hour drive from Winnipeg. Just in time, in God’s time.
5. On our drive up to the Yukon, we encountered winds gusting 90 km/hour. It would not have been possible to be on the bike. Riding my bike, I experienced mostly calm to light winds, both favourable and unfavourable directions.
6. The northern heat wave  of 28-32 degrees Celsius was perfect conditioning for the southern heat wave with a humidex in the mid-40’s.
7. I experienced virtually no fluid retention, never even using my compression stockings once.
8. I needed to arrive at my first event in Acadia at 3 pm. After cycling 3000 km, I got there exactly at 3pm.
9. The four events in MB went flawless. While we had planned them, the final details needed to happen when I was somewhere up north and Ruth was getting ready to join the support crew in Brandon. Thank you to friends who stepped up big time.
10. I had 6 flats, 3 in the north and 3 in the south. Each time the support crew came to my rescue at exactly the right time. (Due to the traffic and the size of the RV, direct follow was seldom possible, yet they were there when I needed them).
11. No one got sick in 21 days on the road. That in itself is a miracle.
12. The roads up north had some less than ideal gravel surfaces. We heard a number of stories of motorcycles going down. I stayed upright the whole time.
13. The traffic in the south was significant and the shoulders were at times nonexistent. God gave me the peace I needed to keep a straight line, even though trucks were coming very close at times.
14. We made a few wrong turns but we never got lost.
15. We encountered many helpful and friendly people. We experienced no hostility towards us on the whole journey.  On the contrary, without fail, every time we set out the lawn chairs to eat a meal we had several vehicles stop to see if we were okay or if there was anything we needed. (even an invitation to come cool off in a backyard pool!)
Sometimes I wonder why I worried at all. God is in control all the time anyway. Many people prayed for us. Thank you. We sure felt  the peace of God throughout all aspects of GrandpasCan 2018.
In Philipians 4:6-7, it says;
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
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