A Rollercoaster of Emotions; the ride begins tomorrow, May 20, 2019

The last week leading up to an event is usually an emotional rollercoaster. The awareness of what lies ahead  becomes clearer and stronger with each passing hour. The anticipation is both exhilarating and downright scary. 
There are times when I am consumed with extreme doubt that I can do this. There are times when I am totally confident. 
For me, each ultra-marathon cycling event is a classroom for life.  Within a very defined time-frame, May 20 – Aug 8, I will experience physically, mentally, emotionally  and even spiritually, the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. In order to have success, I must be willing to accept adversity as teacher and even as friend. The benefit only comes if I am willing to apply the lessons learnt in real life where it matters. For me, real life is being a relentless ambassador for children who have been abandoned by society, but not by God. 

 I was reminded of my 9000 km journey from Deadhorse, Alaska,  (Arctic Ocean) to Key West, Fl. (Gulf of Mexico). It began in 2015 and was completed triumphantly only in 2018. The mud/rain on the Dalton Highway, the crash resulting in 5 broken ribs brought about an abrupt end to my ride in 2015. The photo covered in mud is symbolic of the adversity we encountered along the way.  In 2018 I was able to finish what I started, celebrating overcoming the adversity by lifting my bike in triumph at the Gulf of Mexico.
I included a video link from 2015 made by our friend and support crew member, Matt Pearson. Warning: it does include footage of the crash. 

You see, ‘When Quitting is Not an Option’ destitute children’s lives will be saved and transformed forever. Sometimes it requires a whole lot of perseverance, effort and maybe even personal sacrifice. The Mully family continues to make those sacrifices each and every day. That is why we are celebrating 15,000 changed lives.
Each km I ride represents the precious life of a FORMER destitute child. Please pray that I will remember that when it gets though this time around.

www.grandpascan.com will have my daily riding stats.

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One comment on “A Rollercoaster of Emotions; the ride begins tomorrow, May 20, 2019
  1. Pam says:

    God Bless Arvid!! GO! GO! GO! Grandpas’ Can. Once again, you amaze me, over joy me. Full of emotions and hope from Collingwood Ontario. May 20’th my youngest son tuned 16 years old. As a sole mother for over 15 years, I know the struggles even in this “Canadian World” NOTHING like MCF in Kenya.
    Prayers coming your way,..the entire way..GOD BLESS Arvid and crew. (PS I will attempt to ride from Collingwood, to Blue Mountains one day this month, others do it, so can I-ALL things through CHRIST!)

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