553k, and Arvid rolled into the Forks with a wonderfully warm welcome from the great crowd here!!


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3 cheers for the last leg!

Just under 2 hours left!


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Soup Break

We’re stopped at the Tim Hortons on Pembina for some chili. It’s cold out there, and the 501k have taken their toll on city streets. 


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Framed in the Arch

This was from a while ago, but didn’t have time to post it before. 


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Video: Bridging Divides — rain or shine

Bridging Divides — rain or shine

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450km – Arvid & Friends

***At around 6:30, our tracker on Arvid got reset, but it’s still tracking in a new ride sessions. Here’s the update since then and then below it the map of what came before all of that.***

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 11.39.48 AM

Add that to this for one CRAZY LONG RIDE.Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 5.35.41 AM
Arvid’s hit the 450 km mark, after visiting a number of different pit-stops, kissing babies (Ok, no – there were no babies)  and shaking hands (with, ahem, MAYOR Brian Bowman). Now we’ve got some riding and driving ahead of us…

014_8031 014_8035 DSC_5704 DSC_5735 014_8125 014_8140 DSC_5644

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We were delayed in getting to Arvid when the rain hit, so he got wet for about twenty minutes. At the speeds he travels it’s (no joke) sometimes hard to catch him. He gets through a lot of jams faster than we can. Anyway, rain is happening but it doesn’t stop him!

Heading through Fort Whyte!


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Not often you see commuters on the aero bars. 


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Destination… U of M via Pembina!

That’s where we’re going. Check the tracker if you want to find us and say hello.


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Avocado Break!

We’re just hitting a break after passing 418km in the city. Time for some creamy fruit!



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Bike to Work

Arvid spent an hour with a great bike crew. We’ve dropped off books at the Forks, Assiniboine, and more pit stops. 


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Mayor and Interview

Stopped by the Assiniboine Park pit stop to join in bike to work day. Met Mayor Bowman and some other wonderful people. Have a great day of riding!!


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350km – Another day, another 12 hours

And that’s 350 km, folks. Here’s what Arvid was up to while you were sleeping. Keep coming back here to check in on Arvid as he starts visiting Pit Stops this morning for Bike to Work Day 2015!

014_7924 014_7953
014_7973  014_7996 014_8002 DSC_5618
014_8014 DSC_5624

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Cheesy Good Morning

A quick stop for a cheese curd refill and he’s back on the road. 


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Video: Disraeli and Henderson at 4am

Disraeli and Henderson at 4am
Shown at 6x speed.

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Arvid's Location Click here for the full map.

Arvid's Stats

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About MCF

Charles Mulli is a former street child from the slums of Kenya. He became extremely successful in business, but then God called him to give it all up and care for the orphaned and abandoned children still on the streets in Kenya. Charles Mulli is the founder and CEO of Mully Children's Family. To learn more about MCF, click here.

Arvid's Role

God has called me (Arvid) to be an ambassador for Mully Children's Family. I have chosen to use ultramarathon cycling as my platform from which to fulfill this calling. This year I will be cycling North to South in Canada and the US. The journey starts July 7, 2015 in Deadhorse, Alaska. You can follow my ride, here, at To read more about me and my story, click here.


I am asking you to help. I am trying to raise $100 for each of the 2500 kids presently at MCF. This money will go towards the purchase of food. To learn more about donating, click here.

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