I must be feeling better 

Ruth and I spent two days in Kenora, 200 km east of Winnipeg. When our discussion topics included the cycling component of our future ministry on behalf of orphaned or abandoned children, I got all excited again. I must be getting healthy again.   

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When Disappointment is Huge

Physically, I was better prepared than in recent years. I had trained hard. I had ridden over 8000km outdoors since the snow disappeared, plus countless hours on the trainer indoors. 

Logistically, we were ready, with a fantastic support crew in place earlier than ever before. 

Emotionally, I was strong, celebrating 10 years of full-time volunteer work on behalf of formerly orphaned or abandoned kids. The goal to collect water from the Arctic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico to add to the waters already collected from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans representing the hundreds of MCF supporters was sincere. 

My cycling goal was realistic, with reaching the finish line more important than shaving off a few hours or even days. 

We ‘managed’ adversity well along the way, handling the Dalton Highway almost flawlessly. As the anticipated fluid set in during Day 5, I adjusted my time and effort on the bike. I felt we had things under control. 

Then in 1 second it all changed. 

Why did this have to happen?  Was this in God’s plan all along?

My understanding of things are this way:

God ‘allowed’ it to happen, but it was not His plan to sabotage our effort. My crew and I were responsible for all aspects of the ride, including staying upright on the bike. The Dalton Highway had way more dangerous situations, yet we came through it safely. 

My reaction to this is what is important. I can be angry, frustrated, feel defeated, etc or I can accept it, learn and grow from it and move on. 

I am convinced that ‘good’ can and will come out of this. 

Perhaps the ‘good’ will be in the form of books that we handed out to the medical staff in Watson Lake in northern BC. The lab technician told me during my second visit 48 hours later that she was already 75% through one book and totally taken by it. Or the books that are in the hands of all Winnipeg City Councillors and Mayor handed out during the 29 hour city commute promo ride. 

Perhaps it is the extra time I now have to contact potential and existing MCF supporters. 

Perhaps we avoided a more serious accident down the road 

Perhaps it is the benefit/lessons/discipline I learn each year while getting my body and mind ready to tackle another extreme challenge, and then in this case only to  find out that I will not have an opportunity to use this preparation to (what I perceive to be) its fullest. 

Perhaps it is my reaction and example (good or bad) to handling disappointment. 

Perhaps I just need to be reminded of the truth found in Romans 8, verse 28; “We know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

I look forward to discovering what God will do through this ‘disappointment’. 

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Arvid’s health update 

It has now been 10 days since I did my flip off the bike on the Alaska Highway. I am thankful for the support and prayers. We came home on Saturday evening and recovery is going well. 

The first 48 hours after the accident, my pain, on a scale of 1-10 with 1 having no pain and 10 being unbearable, I was about an 8. Today I would say the number is about a 4. 

My breathing as a result of a partially collapsed lung has also improved. The first 48 hours I really struggled. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 having no issues and 10 needing to be put on oxygen, I was a 7-8. I could only take VERY shallow breaths. Today I would say I am somewhere around 3-4. 

All in all, I feel I am well on my way to recovery. I will see my doctor tomorrow. Thanks again for your prayers. 

What actually happened??

The back wheel came off, likely due to the quick release letting go. We believe we had set the quick release too loose. The wheel dropped out when I stood up. It hit the frame and stopped from turning instantly. My shoes (clipped in) simply pulled the bike up and threw me forward. 

It all happened so fast. It is disappointing, but we are grateful that the injury is not more serious. 

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Update from Grande Prairie, AB

At his follow-up appointment at the Watson Lake Hospital on Thursday morning, the doctor diagnosed a partially collapsed right lung. He gave Arvid the go-ahead to begin driving home provided he would stop at the ER in Fort St. John for further follow-up. 

We did that today. Doctors there said there has been a small improvement. 

Upon learning of the crash, a donor emailed us immediately instructing us to fly home on their dime. Having been cleared by the doctor in FSJ, we will fly home tomorrow, Saturday.  Travelling on bumpy roads for many hours at a time is not conducive to recovery. 

Please pray for safe journeys for all of us; as we fly and as the crew is on the road home in the vans. 

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Video: Signpost Forest

Signpost Forest
In 1942, a homesick soldier working on the construction of the Alaska Highway added a sign from his hometown to the directional post in Watson Lake, Yukon. Many others soon followed suit. Today, 78,000 signs make up the World Famous Watson Lake Signpost Forest.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to add the Grandpa’s Can 2015 poster as well as one from Mully Children’s Family to the forest.



Henry practicing for the MCF acrobatic team.


Henry at work.


The finishing touches.


The Signpost Forest.


Grandpas Can 2015 and MCF.


Henry's hometown.

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Good news and bad news

Arvid was given a thorough examination by the hospital doctors and nurses at the Watson Lake Hospital. X-rays have shown that he has suffered two fractured ribs in addition to the likelihood of two more with a possibility of a fifth fractured rib. Recovery time is typically 4-6 weeks. Fortunately, the ribs are not displaced which is good news. Arvid does have a little blood in his lung as a result from the trauma of the fall. The doctor has ordered Arvid to remain in Watson Lake, to not leave even by car, as they are concerned at the chance of  him catching pneumonia. The plan is to rest in Watson Lake for at least two days.

The doctor has ordered Arvid to rest, continue trying to breathe deeply (to avoid pneumonia) and stay off two wheels. The danger, the doctor explained, would be to have the ribs move and puncture a lung.

As a result, Arvid was left with no choice but to make the painful and heart rending decision to end this ride. With the decisive words from the doctor there is no doubt in our minds that this is the right decision. 

This is, of course, disappointing but we thank God that his injuries are not worse and that he should experience a full recovery. Arvid will see the doctor again on Thursday morning where the hospital will run all the tests again (EKG, blood work, etc) to determine whether he is fit to travel home by car.

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

Proverbs 19:21

Thank you for your prayers and we ask you to continue to pray for Arvid’s recovery and return home.

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Hospital visit

After waking up this morning in pain, Arvid has decided to drive ahead to Watson Lake, Yukon, to get checked out at the local hospital.

We are awaiting results.

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Video: July 13, 2015 // Back of the Van

July 13, 2015 // Back of the Van
From the back of the van somewhere in the Yukon Territory, a few hours after the accident, Arvid began to feel more pain in his chest making it difficult to take deep breaths. He has decided to take a longer rest and make further decisions in the morning.


“Hi there. We are somewhere, let’s leave it at that. It’s needless to say that we’ve had a bit of a rough start to this ride. The challenge certainly exceeded my expectations. The last couple of days with the fluid and now today the accident today where I flipped and went over the bar certainly has changed the approach a bit and has added adversity that I did not count on. But as it is in almost every one of these rides there’s a special moment where the goal for me personally gets taken out of my hands. For me it was in this cave where I lay for the last half an hour as we drove to this hotel and there was room for God in that place.

“I take responsibility for meeting targets and deadlines quite seriously because everybody has taken a lot of time off and wants to get home to their families so God made it very clear to me that that responsibility for this ride was no longer mine. He will get us to Key West whenever that will be and all my responsibility is to do my best. It’s in many ways a very freeing reality and I look forward to finding out what that reality is. I have no idea.

“We’re going to have to take some more rest because my shoulder and my ribs especially are pretty painful, making breathing a little bit more difficult than I’d like it to be. And so we’re going to have to take more rest. What that will as far as making progress, I have no idea. But I released it into God’s hands and that to me is beautiful.

“Thank you.”


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Video: July 13, 2015 // Roadside maintenance

July 13, 2015 // Roadside maintenance
Some roadside maintenance on the wheels, the seat and the Arvid (after his fall). A moment in the life of the support crew.

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Video: July 13, 2015 // Fall

July 13, 2015 // Fall
This looks bad and it was. But thankfully and miraculously Arvid was walking around in minutes. He’s stiff and sore but otherwise it would appear there is nothing more serious than a crack in his helmet (he brought extras). Within a minutes he was back on his bike.

The back wheel suddenly seized just as Arvid began to stand to push up the hill. His forward momentum combined with his standing caused him to roll over his handlebars.

“It’s been a long time since I did summersaults,” joked Arvid as he walked back to the follow van for a quick rest. Minutes later when asked about the fluid in his legs, he said, “I think it cushioned my fall.”

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Henry hard at work 

With all the rain we have been experiencing and the less than ideal road conditions, the bikes need constant attention. So grateful for Henry’s expertise in always ensuring they are working at optimum level. Thank you Henry!  


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Morning Tea

It’s 7am local time. Arvid takes a short break to warm up in the van with some English Breakfast tea beside Marsh Lake. It’s warmed to 9 degrees Celsius outside.


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Farewell, Whitehorse

It’s 6 degrees Celsius, the sun is slowly rising. Arvid has his balaclava and his cheese curds. His legs feel better and has left Whitehorse behind. 

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Good night

Arvid staked his claim to a well deserved good night’s rest in the Klondike City. Hopefully this will clear up the early signs of fluid retention that he has encountered on past rides. As he’s still in the early stages of his longest ride, Arvid is working to find the right balance between his enormous energy expenditure and the necessary recuperation.

Good night from Whitehorse. We’re on the road again tomorrow at 4am local time.


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1742 km later, Arvid is riding through Whitehorse, Yukon! He’s been looking forward to dinner: 3 piece chicken dinner from KFC with fries, gravy and coleslaw. 


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Arvid's Location Click here for the full map. NOTE: The tracking phone is in the follow vehicle, not on Arvid.

Arvid's Stats

DayDistance // TotalOn Bike // Sleep
6190km // 1837km12h 13m // 9h
5327km // 1647km15h 13m // 4h 40m
4372km // 1320km18h // 3h44m
3326km // 948km18h // 4h
2232km // 622km18h // 4h
1390km // 390kmUnknown // 2.5h

About MCF

Charles Mulli is a former street child from the slums of Kenya. He became extremely successful in business, but then God called him to give it all up and care for the orphaned and abandoned children still on the streets in Kenya. Charles Mulli is the founder and CEO of Mully Children's Family. To learn more about MCF, click here.

Arvid's Role

God has called me (Arvid) to be an ambassador for Mully Children's Family. I have chosen to use ultramarathon cycling as my platform from which to fulfill this calling. This year I will be cycling North to South in Canada and the US. The journey starts July 7, 2015 in Deadhorse, Alaska. You can follow my ride, here, at www.grandpascan.com/ride. To read more about me and my story, click here.


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