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Total peace

Being at peaceEvery clear morning, around 5:30 am I reach the spot on Henderson Highway that turns east. Today there were  NO people and NO cars for the first two hours. At this turn of Henderson Highway I am always

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7766km done- 7244km to go

7766 km done – 7244km to go.Ruth and I decided to celebrate crossing the half-way point by going to Applebee’s after I completed 333km today. I am pleased with how it is going. My health is very good, my attitude is mostly

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5433km done- into the middle third

5433 km done, the dreaded middle third syndrome is about to begin.Things have gone well so far. Just finished my second day in a row in under 12 hours.  11h, 59 min and 11h, 57min, averaging 28.2km and 28.4km/hour, with

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Father’s Day and a Flag of Inspiration

Our son Paul and his family took us to Half Moon for Father’s Day. Three generations of Loewen men. We are so blessed. For a change, I was able to enjoy the ‘scenic’ Henderson Highway from the passenger seat of a van,

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I missed my bike too much

When I take some time off the bike for a number of days, especially before a big  event, sometimes I wonder if I still even know how to ride.  I think some runners experience the same feeling before a marathon.

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4,000 km done

4000 km doneBy now I am quite familiar with the cracks (and there are plenty) on the road on Henderson Highway. So far, for the most part I have been able to direct the potentially mind- numbing boredom of riding

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I am off the bike for 36 hours! Hurray!

6 days of 200km/day went really well. I have been able to stay on the bike with next to NO off bike time, other than a flat. If you are interested, visit Arvid’s stats for the detailed info.Thanks to Ken and

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A Perfect day

 It was fairly calm and the temps reached the mid-twenties. I had to think of how blessed I am to be able to do this and I thanked God for my health/strength at age 62. I  reached  10% (1500km) today.

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Showers of Blessings

Yesterday I had a discussion with a few Hutterite friends. They were all excited about the rain that was in the forecast for today. Their freshly seeded crops were in need of the moisture. If I am honest, I did

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In spite of wind and rain …

Arvid pedals on and on and on. Today is Day 5.

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Day One

1% done. 99% to go. The weather was rather pleasant with sunshine and a very moderate wind, for a change. The best biking weather I have had this year. I was very pleased with My first day efforts as I

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GrandpasCan 2019 has begun!

The first kilometre in honour of the first child rescued by MCF 30 years ago. Only 14,999 more to go! Looks like a nice day for a bike ride.

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A Rollercoaster of Emotions; the ride begins tomorrow, May 20, 2019

The last week leading up to an event is usually an emotional rollercoaster. The awareness of what lies ahead  becomes clearer and stronger with each passing hour. The anticipation is both exhilarating and downright scary. There are times when I am consumed

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I Ran Out of Road

I ran out of road, so I had to stop. When things go better than hoped for. GrandpasCan 2018 was my 14th year of using one big cycling event per year as my main platform from which to raise funds

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Reflecting on God’s leading during GrandpasCan 2018

Sometimes I just marvel at how God brings things together. So I need to ask myself; ‘Why do I even worry or why am I anxious that things will work out?’ Check out God’s timing and leading throughout Grandpascan 2018.

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May 20: As the ride begins, pray that we will have strength equal to the task ahead!


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