Church bells in Montebello

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2 comments on “Church bells in Montebello
  1. Ruth Ann says:

    That’s quite a welcome Arvid .. Quaint village … No front lawn to cut hmmm seems like a good place to live ..looks like the weather is holding for you thus far ..Nothing like a river to bring peace
    Here a upbeat song Arvid .. I’m sure you grandkids may sing this …I got river of life flowing out of me… Spring up the well within my soul ….

  2. Karen and Ken Croy says:

    Church bells…ahh, love them… to me they are a strong beautiful majestic reminder to all who hear of God’s presence and calling to worship Him. I trust that they were encouraging and rung deep in your soul a reminder of our Lord’s love for you all.. Your call to worship in serving is your cycling Arvid. MCF is very blessed by it. May the Lord bring you many joyful thoughts and memories as you cycle…

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