When Quitting Is Not An Option

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Arvid’s story of failure, courage, disappointment, triumph and laughter-and a few life lessons along the way.

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Can I do this? I asked myself. I’d been repeating the same question for the last 24 hours. People seem to say, “It’s Arvid-of course he can do it.” If they knew how many times I struggled with self-doubt, with the question of whether I should bike another kilometre, they would never feel so confident. This was one of those times. Giving up now was, for me, symbolic of giving up on the kids at MCF. Many of them had been abandoned by parents, relatives and society, left to fend for themselves. God had never given up on them, and I was not going to quit a silly bike ride. I made up my mind: I will not give up.

When Arvid set out on a 40 km bike ride only to give up after 30 km, his future as a cyclist seemed bleak. Yet, more than 15 years later, Arvid was racing alongside the world’s most elite ultra-marathon athletes.

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1 review for When Quitting Is Not An Option

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    Hi – not everyone is brilliant – some (me for one) need help nearly every day. Like you, I ‘lurked’ for ages before summoning the courage to write a comment. Everyone here is fantastically welcoming and helpful. As far as 20d is concerned it’s somewhere someone might tell you to keep it if they were telling you a secret, as in ” but keep it up your 03…”. I had never heard of today’s meaning but it is in the dictionary. Good luck!

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Arvid's Location

Arvid can be tracked during the ride by clicking here. The tracker is on Arvid, and updates every 5 minutes while he is moving.

Arvid's Stats

DayDistance // Total+/- to Record
15433 // 5861N/A
14376 // 5428N/A
13313 // 5052N/A
12433 // 4739+37h 15m
11360 // 4306+36h 8m
10237 // 3946+31h 12m
9261 // 3709+19h 44m
8408 // 3448+9h 31m
7355 // 3040+7h 8m
6375 // 2685+1h 54m
5438 // 2310-2h 13m
4426 // 1872-3h 3m
3504 // 1446-4h 30m
2405 // 942-1h 51m
1537-4h 24m

Note: - means ahead, + means behind.

About MCF

Charles Mulli is a former street child from the slums of Kenya. He became extremely successful in business, but then God called him to give it all up and care for the orphaned and abandoned children still on the streets in Kenya. Charles Mulli is the founder and CEO of Mully Children's Family. To learn more about MCF, click here.

Arvid's Role

God has called me (Arvid) to be an ambassador for Mully Children's Family. I have chosen to use ultramarathon cycling as my platform from which to fulfill this calling. This year I will be cycling Vancouver to Halifax in Canada. The journey starts July 2, 2016 in Vancouver. You can follow my ride, here, at To read more about me and my story, click here.


I am asking you to help. I am trying to raise $100 for each of the 2500 kids presently at MCF. This money will go towards the purchase of food. To learn more about donating, click here.

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